Spin-based computing and signal processing (SpinCom2024)

28 June 2024
Location: Main Campus of Politecnico di Milano – P.zza L. Da Vinci 32 (Milano)

Chair: Riccardo Bertacco
Organizing Committee: E. Albisetti, M. Cantoni, F. Maspero, D. Petti, C. Rinaldi

25th International Colloquium on Magnetic Films and Surfaces (ICMFS2024)

7 -12 July 2024
Location: Perugia (Italy)
Chairs: Gianluca Gubbiotti and Francesca Casoli

New Horizons in Nano-Magnetism (H-MAG24)

Focus: Magnetic nanoparticles: from bottom-up to top-down approaches
27-29 June 2024
Location: Iglesias (Italy)
Chairs: Davide Peddis, Gaspare Varvaro, Sara Laureti