As a virtuous scientific research should also be able to positively impact, get society involved and interested in science, ICM2024 will host Magnetic-ART, a showcase to present artistic works highlighting the aesthetic of magnetism. Submissions will be displayed on the Conference website, along with its social media channels. A committee of judges will select the finalists. The selected artworks will have the opportunity to be exposed on-site at the conference in Bologna and the winner will be decided by popular vote.


• Participation in the showcase requires that at least one of the authors must attend the conference.
• Each registered attendee is allowed to submit ONLY ONE entry as first author, but it is possible to appear as co-author in other entries.
• Each entry must be a distinct work, i.e. no doubles differing by minor modification of the images are allowed (e.g. changing color palette, contrast, etc.).
• As the beauty and aesthetics of magnetism are the core of the showcase, anything related to the topic is allowed. Entries can be results of experimental techniques, theoretical modeling or simulations, or combination of multiple images. AI modified images are also allowed!
• If the submitted image is subject to copyright agreements with third parties, it is responsibility of the submitter to obtain prior to submission any required agreement for showing the image. Any act of plagiarism will result in the disqualification of the transgressor.
• By submitting your entry, you acknowledge that you agree to abide by the showcase rules and that the submitted image will be displayed during the conference and on the conference website.


• All entries must be submitted to the email address before 23:59 (CET) of 16th June 2024.
• The image file should be in high resolution (300DPI) in TIFF format. JPEG or PNG formats are also allowed. Maximum file size: 20 MB. Maximum lateral dimensions: A3 format (297 x 420 mm – 11.7 x 16.5 inches). File name: entry title with underscore instead of blank space. Exmple: this_is_an_example.tiff
• Do NOT include any author names nor affiliations in the image. The authors and affiliation details must be indicated only in the submission email.
All entries must include:
o A short title for the image.
o First author’s name and affiliation.
o Co-authors’ names and affiliations.
o A brief description of the image and its relationship to magnetism.
o The technique used to obtain the image and any modification made to it (colour change, filtering…).
o If the image has been modified with AI techniques, it is mandatory to send also the original (i.e. unmodified) image.


The winner will be selected by popular vote of the registered participants of the conference. Each vote will be done through an online voting platform accessible during the conference from 1st July 2024 at 12:00 AM until 4th July 2024 at 19:00. The winner will be awarded during the conference in Bologna.